JL-505 Composite Bactericide
JL-505 Composite Bactericide


Fungicides JL-505 power plants, chemical, fertilizer, oil refining, metallurgy and other industrial circulating cooling water system for the sterilization to eliminate algae and slime stripping agent. Also has a certain degree of corrosion inhibition is better than 1227.

Quality standard


Item Indicators
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
The active component content % ≥ 30.0
Amine salt content %   ≤ 2.0
pH(Liquid) 6.0~8.0



Impact dosing, the dosage is generally 80~100mg/L,ie, complete killing effect on bacteria and algae. For algae more quickly peel effect, may be appropriate to increase the dosage, and timely removal of floating debris, defoamers Foam little impact on production, can be added.

Safety and Protection

Fungicides JL-505 is a slight almond flavor, no significant stimulation, the skin contact with skin, wash with water.

Packing and storage

The fungicide JL-505 plastic drum packaging per drum25kg or according to user requirements to determine. The storage period of twelve months.

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