Yellow dextrin
Yellow dextrin

Appearance:White or microstrip shallow Yellow shadow amorphous powder, no visible impurities. Odor: special odor of maltodextrin, no smell.

Taste:not sweet or slight sweet,no smell, no odor.

Starch by the decomposition and hydrolysis under the action of heat, acid, or amylase, the large molecules of starch first transformed to become the middle of the small molecule material, this time in the middle of small molecules, it is called dextrin.


1,Grinding wheel industry, ceramic grinding wheel molding must be used accessories

2,Dextrin in, small-scale foundry industry (large resin sand system type) oil sand core making in the aleurone adduct fat (Tong Lake better) system out of oil sand core is stronger than the clay sand several times.

3,Dextrin can also be used to do a special wood-based panel adhesive tape adhesive

4,Dextrin for the chemical industry exports dyes do additives Packaging:25kg/bag

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